Daniel Hutchings is a self-proclaimed 'filmmaker extraordinaire' who has written, produced, directed, acted, scored, mixed and screened several feature films for several fans across the globe. 


With his notion of making “Thingys” rather than “films”, Hutchings’ ideas have taken him away from traditional film and TV production methods leaving him to explore more immediate and tactile methods of manifesting his daydreams.

In 2011, after graduating from Manchester School of Art with an MA in Filmmaking, Hutchings founded Presents Inc. Inspired by the lineage of prolific movie-makers in British Comedy; from Jollywood to the Carry On’s, Monty Python and The Comic Strip, as well as the interpretation of the works of such filmmakers as Lindsay Anderson and Abel Ferrara, Hutchings set about developing his cinematic vocabulary with gusto.

Amongst his professional credits are his work as Storyboard Artist for Victoria Wood on her film That Day We Sang and Specialist Research/Production Assistant on the making of documentary That Musical We Made, both broadcast on BBC2 over Christmas 2014. In 2013, Hutchings made Variety of Memories in partnership with Dovetail. The thirty minute film was narrated by British Music Hall Society Chairperson Roy Hudd and screened at their 50th Anniversary Festival at the legendary Wilton’s Music Hall in London.  

But his proudest achievements are his Thingys, which are made with a mix of professional talent and enthusiastic friends both in front and behind the camera. The first, Django Away!, was screened in several venues across the North West and Birmingham in 2015 and was covered in an article on Den of Geek.​ His second, Freelance Giggle-oh, premiered at Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in 2017 and was picked up for distribution and international screenings by Carboluce. His third, Happy Returns, has domestic and international screenings in the pipeline. 

Hutchings' Thingyography also extends to the Django Away! and Freelance Giggle-oh soundtracks as well as the 'making-of' books that document his filmmaking methods and intentions: Between Laughter & Failure, Thingyfesto and From Start to Thingy.

Hutchings lives in Greater Manchester with his wife and children and aims to spend his career taking his filmmaking methods to a slightly bigger scale with each Thingy.

"Daniel has his own creative drive and is very imaginative."

Victoria Wood

Artiste & Author

"We need people like Daniel, who are being creative,
doing it at this scale because it's important that we
constantly change the boundaries of our own industry."

Andy Burke

Actor & Writer