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Daniel Hutchings

In 2017 Hutchings was invited to attend the preview screening of Freelance Giggle-oh in Milan by the film's distributor Carboluce. Hutchings, who loves many Italian filmmakers, began to concieve of an idea of making a Thingy in Milan. Inspired by how welcomed he felt, how appreciated he felt his second Thingy was and how unable he was speak any useful Italian, Hutchings decided he would make a Thingy in Milan as soon as he possibly could.


A few Thingys Using the Italian horror genre, Giallos, as a starting point, Hutchings' Thingy uses the known tropes his loves, the styling  



industry disinterest and broken equipment, to Brexit paranoia and a difficult pregnancy, to ebaying binges and bar work, to to a finished feature-length film and international public screenings. 

The production diary of Happy Returns, serialised into a blog for Thingys.net, goes back and forth between Hutchings and Brundova's journey from being unaware of each-other's existence, to friends who had not met yet, to the collaborators that made the 3rd Thingy by Daniel Hutchings. 

From Start to Thingy is the story of how a passion project can offer you shelter from hard times, experiences that lighten your day and support from people you would never have met otherwise.

"An exciting, nostalgic and emotional meditation on 
romance in the third millennium."

 Damien McFerran

Co-Director Nlife Network.

"Like if 8 1/2 was about a bored housewife. 
Hutchings has found a cinematic star in Brundova."

 Leo Travis



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