Carboluce is a Milan-based film label that distributes self-produced, underground, artistic, experimental and independent cinema to promote a new generation of artists and filmmakers who elaborate and develop new ways of working.

Carboluce's catalogue boasts works by many autonomous and independent filmmakers who aim to discovers new paths or stylistic evolution in the cinematographic and visual language.

Freelance Giggle-oh was released by Carboluce after founder Roberto Rup Paolini was taken by its trailer on social media and enquired about seeing a screener copy. After a test screening for the general public at Cinema Beltrade in Milan, Freelance Giggle-oh became Carboluce's first international film in its catalogue and has since been available on-demand throughout the world.

"A totally self-produced, visionary work by the ironical and multi-talented Daniel Hutchings. Freelance Giggle-oh is a richly structured comical mix of eccentric characters that winks at Monty Python."

Roberto Rup Paolini

Director, Carboluce.

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