The Future as Interpreted by Daniel Hutchings

'Inflated Self-Image', a self-portrait by Daniel Hutchings.

What you put in the frame tells your story.

What’s behind the eyes of who sees it gives it its meaning.

The number of eyes that see it gives it its value.

What it inspires behind those eyes gives it its worth.

Taking the road less travelled may result in a more idiosyncratic work, but this often does not result in large audience numbers. But I’ve always thought of any audience as a collection of individuals, rather than a demographic or what have you, so for me a possitive response to a film is the degree a viewer is inspired after the film has ended.

In the Hutchings’ Half Minute episode Infinity Rationale, I put forward the playful notion that either technology will develop enough to retrieve from history every work of art ever made or all works will be destroyed in an apocalypse. Following this logic was comforting as I realised that although one may die never knowing one’s importance to future generations, like Mozart, Poe and Van Gogh, one's work will either be destroyed along with the Mona Lisa or displayed alongside Michael Angelo’s David at the Infinite Museum of Self-Expression. Either way, I’d be in good company.

This episode was inspired by the developments in technology that have changed the availability and accessibility of films radically within my lifetime. A film’s audience no longer has to be solely measured on the number of people collected physically in cinemas soon after its completion, but can be spread throughout the future, scattered across time, seen by people who happen to cross its path. To keep my course when filming, I kept this absolutely astonishing notion in my heart.

Sketches for movie posters for Freelance Giggle-oh and The Man From G.I.G.G.L.E, the next two instalments of Hutchings' Home Video Trilogy. The trilogy follows the continued adventures of Hutchings' comedy character as he attempts to traverse the modern world, trying to inspire joy in his audience whilst doing his best to make the world a happier place one laugh at a time. Freelance Giggle-oh is already in production with The Man From G.I.G.G.L.E to follow.

The way I made Django Away! was completely defined by the material, not a pre-existing method of production. This is Zero Budget’s true virtue and its only salvation. I'm currently in the process of making Freelance Giggle-oh, which is the follow up to Django Away! and the second in my Home Video Trilogy, which will be completed with The Man From G.I.G.G.L.E. Both films will dictate their own method of production. Of course, the whole trilogy is already playing at the IMSE at the edge of space and time. Shame I can’t go and see them though. I’m too busy making the films to take a night off!

The flip side of the Infinity Rationale is that I may die never knowing my unimportance to future generations. This is why it comes down to permanent faith: faith in the value of self-expression and faith in the individuals that, collectively, make up an audience. The responses from people I’ve had so far, at the public screenings and online, have confirmed my faith on a small scale. It’s very exciting to think what other individuals might see Django Away! and when and where they’ll see it.

I mustn’t disappoint my future fans.