Daniel Hutchings' 30 episode series of 30 second videos were produced over the period of late 2011 to late 2012 and were followed by Hutchings' Half Hour.


HHM1: Daniel’s New Series

The first episode of a brand new series. Aspiring entertainer Daniel Hutchings kicks off his new series trying to utilise what little he has at his disposal. It all gets rather cramped, in more ways than one, as he tries to fit himself into his laptop's webcam and his act into thirty seconds.


HHM2: Daniel Sings ‘She Loves You’

In this episode Daniel delivers his own arrangement of the popular Beatles classic 'She Loves You'. In amongst flutes and a shuffling brush beat, Hutchings interprets the lyrics of Lennon & McCartney as a conversation between two people: a dismissive ex and an earnest adviser.


HHM3: Why’ Did the chicken....

The third episode of Hutchings' Half Minute finds Daniel reflecting (pun intended) on what was going through the mind of that Chicken. Hutchings' tells the joke everyone knows but with his own unique, bird brained, slant.


HHM4: Daniel Sings ‘(I Can't be) Bored’

Hutchings' Half Minute continues apace with a vein popping rendition of '(I Can't Be) Bored', a song in the key of F-U-N! Just where this episode finds Daniel is anyone's guess. Looks like a patio on the surface of Mars....


HHM5: Modern Magician

Episode five of Hutchings' Half Minute takes a peek into the realm of illusion and challenges the very nature of believing one's eyes. See Hutchings' fingers bend back on themselves! See him pull off the end of his own thumb! See him disappear before your very eyes! You will have to see it to disbelieve it!


HHM6: Portrait, Sir?

Hutchings' Half Minute continues with Daniel drawing on visual inspiration. Hutchings takes up the arts as he draws a portrait for a mysterious client. Just who is Hutchings drawing and what will they make of his efforts to capture their likeness?


HHM7: Don't Let Him Eat Cake

What Would Marie Antoinette Say? Hutchings' Half Minute continues with Yummy Yummy Cake! How long this cake will last is another matter. It brings to mind the old saying: if a man eats alone and there is no one around to see his etiquette, does he make a noise?


HHM8: Daniel Sings 'I Think I've Wet The Bed'

Episode eight of Hutchings' Half Minute finds Daniel all alone in bed in the middle of the night. In the wee wee hours where shadows on the wall send a chill down your spine, Hutchings' may have a way to keep yourself warm through the night....whatever you are!


HHM9: Elastic Fantastic

Episode nine of Hutchings' Half Minute sees Hutchings completely change his appearance using a few simple items of stationary. See how body modification can be achieved without surgery! This cunning disguise can be used to avoid assassination attempts and debt collectors. Carlos The Jackal has nothing on Hutchings!


HHM10: House of Cards

Episode ten of Hutchings' Half Minute finds Hutchings' on verge of completing a house of cards. Tense is not the word! Will Daniel's nerve hold as he perches the last two cards on top of his structure? There's only one way to find out....!


HHM11: House of Cards

Hutchings' Half Minute takes a break from it's usual merriment to devote it's thirty seconds to a noble cause. Please watch this to see if you can help Hutchings with his enquiries.


HHM12: Emergency Trousers

Hutchings' Half Minute continues with a message from the future! Well, it's more an advert really. An advert in the metaphysical vein of toilet humour for a product that doesn't exist....yet. See if you would like to buy a product that everyone, at some point in their life, will need.


HHM13: Knock Knock

Episode thirteen of Hutchings' Half Minute finds Hutchings starting his new job as a "Freelance Giggle-oh". Going door-to-door to bring a little cheer into people's lives, Hutchings aims to make a living through donations but can he get his foot in the door?


HHM14: Daniel Sings 'Born Free'

Episode fourteen of Hutchings' Half Minute finds Hutchings exercising his vocal chords at the joy of pure freedom. Yes, Daniel sings the well known, and well loved, classic "Born Free" by Matt Monro (written by John Barry and Don Black of course). Oh how sweet it is to be at one with Mother Nature.


HHM15: Hutchanory

In episode fifteen of Hutchings' Half Minute, Hutchings commemorates the half way point of the series by presenting an extract of his book "A Day in the Life of a Cat". Giving a vivid reading, Hutchings portrays a story of innocence, apathy, aggression and, ultimately, friendship. It's the greatest story never told!


HHM16: Monsoir Hutchings

Hutchings continues his Half Minutes by broadening his horizons and attempting to learn a foreign language. This is no small feat even to the swiftest of linguists so Hutchings may have a job mastering it in under thirty seconds.


HHM17: The Dummy

Episode seventeen of Hutchings' Half Minute finds Hutchings branching out into a double act. Come see Hutchings The Ventriloquist! He talks, but his lips don't move! It's amazing! The dummy almost seems human! The balloon seems quite lifelike too....


HHMMSS: This is Daniel Hutchings

With almost two-thirds of Hutchings' Half Minute made, we are proud to bring you a short documentary on Daniel "Ha Ha Ha Hutchings' Half Minute" Hutchings. So, just who is Daniel Hutchings? What does he do? How does he do it? What does he want? Watch and find out "a little more about a bit about" Daniel Hutchings from the man himself.


HHM18: Let There Be Light

Hutchings' Half Minute continues with a situation rarely tackled in entertainment; the momentary forgetfulness of "What did I come in here for?" Daniel handles this sensitive subject with all with the tact and reverence it deserves whilst still leaving you on tenterhooks as to why Hutchings did enter the room in the first place. It's a nail biter alright!


HHM19: Speak to Me

Daniel continues his Half Minutes with this, a short playlet on the nature of the caged animal. Using a prop made out of something he found outside his luxury penthouse flat, Hutchings transforms himself into said animal and emotes the isolation that is at the very core of the piece. This may not be comfortable viewing, but it is a very important play!


HHM20: Daniel Sings 'Hello Old Friend'

Hutchings continues with a rendition of one of his first ever favourite songs. From the tentative memories of childhood comes this version of Eric Clapton's 'Hello Old Friend'. Sometimes the combination of music and lyrics can seem almost overwhelming in its power to transport us to another place and time. Will Hutchings end up in the fetal position? Watch and find out!


HHM21: Inner Pickle!

Hutchings' Half Minute continues with two hands making nightmarish work! As Hutchings is force fed pickles, each pickle sharper than the last, you can certainly see he does not find this pickle a tickle.


HHM22: Open Your Iris (Blooper)

This episode of Hutchings' Half Minute proves that sometimes the process of making a film can be just as funny as what ends up on screen. See the cast a crew have a jolly good laugh about a technical mishap!


HHM23: Daniel Reads 'I Am'

Hutchings' Half Minute continues with some poetry written and performed by non-other than, yes you guessed it, Daniel Hutchings! Using only words and intonations, Hutchings' takes us on a journey from Objects to Ethics and all in, yes you guessed it, half a minute. Enjoy.


HHM24: The Understudy

Hutchings' Half Minute continues without Hutchings! Due to a trip to the hospital for tests, Hutchings' Understudy has a chance to shine. Give him a chance, you may like him. After all, the show must go on.


HHM25: Coincidence?

Hutchings takes us into his confidence in this episode and tells us about a little book close to his heart. The difference between a copy of a book and your copy of a book illustrates a coincidence stranger than fiction. If, in fact, it is a coincidence? There's no way to know for sure....


HHM26: Two-Way Spex

Hutchings has got quite a nifty invention to show us this week. But in showing it to us, he will be able to see just how many people he is showing it to. Will he be overwhelmed at just how many people watch this series? When he sees you and the other two, he might break down and cry in happiness!


HHM27: Infinity Rationale

Hutchings continues his Half Minutes with a change of pace. Presenting a scholastic notion on the relative value of artistic creation in an infinite timeline, Hutchings shows us a permanent faith we never knew he had.


HHM28: Cut!

Hutchings has become tired of his "look" and attempts a home hair cut. Could be a recipe for disaster but sometimes you just have to trust the man in the mirror.


HHM29: Strike a New Note

The penultimate episode of Hutchings' Half Minute sees Hutchings take us on an aural odyssey with his totally unique vocal pyrotechnics. In trying to sing between the notes, he just may have invented a new form of Jazz!


HHM30: Series Finale

Hutchings' Half Minute concludes with Hutchings waiting by the phone for all the offers of work he's sure to receive after such a sterling series. Will the watched pot boil, so to speak? And if it does boil, who will want to boil with Hutchings?!


HHM31: Hutchings' Half Hour Trailer

To follow up his web-series Hutchings' Half Minute, Daniel Hutchings endeavours to make a pilot for a new sitcom. The result is Hutchings' Half Hour, a thirty minute extravaganza of fun, surprises and imagination.