Updated: May 26

Show your love for all things Hutchings with items from his Thingys.

From Django Away! to Freelance Giggle-oh, there's plenty of products to choose from. How about the Japanese poster for Freelance Giggle-oh for that wall with the damp patch? Or maybe a Nice Nine t-shirt as a present for a work colleague to wear at a trendy festival this weekend? Or maybe you'd like to cheer someone up and send them the Swedish Freelance Giggle-oh poster? Or perhaps you'd like to declare your affection for Beathoven with a spiffy long t-shirt? Or maybe, just maybe, you've seen Django Away and you'd like to get a t-shirt that proves it?

Whatever your reasons, you can get your mitts on all this and more at the Presents Inc Merch Shop and help keep Hutchings in the lifestyle he's accustomed to: eating catfood in a tiny attic.

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