By 2015, Hutchings' notions of making Thingys rather than films, had taken him away from traditional film and TV production towards more immediate and tactile methods of manifesting his daydreams and storytelling.  To follow-up Django Away!, Hutchings simply continued filming sequences featuring his comedy character for another feature-length Thingy titled Freelance Giggle-oh. 

Thingyfesto, serialised here into a blog, is the product of Hutchings' 7 years of filmmaking-trial-and-error experience. Part filmmaking manifesto and part comedy tie-in book, Thingyfesto is comprised of the 10 tongue-in-cheek filmmaking principals he has discovered as he made his first two Thingys as well as chapters of additional material inspired by the characters and scenes of Freelance Giggle-oh. 

Thingyfesto is an in-depth look at Hutchings' filmmaking techniques in-dispersed with Hutchings' further adventures to the centre of hilarity. 

"A totally self-produced, visionary work by the
ironical and multi-talented Daniel Hutchings.
Freelance Giggle-oh is a richly structured
comical mix of eccentric characters
that winks at Monty Python."

 Rup Paolini

Director Carboluce.

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