2020 to 20??




Daniel Hutchings

Building on his work to date, Hutchings aims to develop and clarifying a model of film production that does not need monetary investment to be executed.

Believe this to could provide an important contributing towards the more experimental low/micro/no budget film culture for both filmmakers and audiences, Hutchings feels the value of such a production method could be not just in the form but also the subject matter: not just lower production values that feature more experimentation, but also in the stories that are the subject matter. 

Increasing the variety of stories and the way they are told on a scale where monetary investment is not a pressure on filmmakers could help to increase the breeding of talent with feature-length film experience at a grass roots level as well as broadening the scope and taste of storytelling for audiences. 

Also believing communal audience exhibition to be the central purpose of his film production, Hutchings intends to continue to show his Thingys to the general public and build a domestic and international network of small screenings/events with an aim of helping to increase the exhibition of low/micro/no budget feature films and their audience attendance.

Hutchings has decided to publish elements he feels are important as he goes so other filmmakers who find themselves heavy on ideas and ambition but low on finance or resource can use it as a guide and a source of enthusiasm and inspiration for the filmmaking process itself. 


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