"This film is to 'Django Unchained' what John Carpenter's
'Dark Star' is to Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'"

 Damien McFerran

Director, Nlife Network.

Synopsis: Daniel Hutchings is an aspiring entertainer who lives on a diet of cheap cat food on the outskirts of the entertainment industry. But he has an idea for a new Western. An existential sci-fi western, or 'Exifestern' as he calls it. 

Inspired by the release of a certain Hollywood director's film, Hutchings has dreamt up another Django. A Django who lives in a world where humanity evolved without developing weapons. A world where the tongue has the place of the gun and the word has the place of the bullet. In this world it's the Jokers that rule, as the speed of their wit can be the difference between blood flowing through veins or bursting out of them. In this 'Exifestern' world, Hutchings imagines himself as Django with a silent j. A man who has a rare kind of courage. A courage that simply keeps on and on, far beyond all reasonable endurance.


With the aim of getting his Django film made, Hutchings endeavors to tell anyone he can about it in the hope that someone will be able to help him realise his fantastical ideas. As Hutchings slides down the ladder of the film industry, his reality and his 'Exifestern' begin to blur and the story about 'facing the challenge of a hostile land' is no longer simply a product of his daydreams.


Will he meet someone who will take a dare on his ideas? Or will his story of the healing powers of laughter be lost in the sands of time like a skeleton in a desert?


Switching between Hutchings' reality and his vivid fantasies, Django Away! follows Hutchings' storytelling through an odyssey of wonder, tragedy, romance and personal realisation in this brand new comedy from Presents Inc. 


Read about the making of Django Away! in Between Laughter and Failure.


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