For THE Daniel Hutchings Fan

Want something to remind you of your favourite Thingy now the end credits have finished? Well you've come to the right place!

How about the Japanese poster for Freelance Giggle-oh for that wall with the damp patch? Or maybe a Nice Nine t-shirt as a present for a work colleague to wear at a trendy festival this weekend? Or perhaps your bare coffee table could do with the classy Django Away! making-of book to adorn it and impress visitors? Or maybe you'd like to cheer someone up and send them one of the many Thingy posters from around the world? Or maybe you want to hear that Pleasant Express song again through your favourite digital platform? Or perhaps you'd like to declare your affection for Beathoven with a spiffy pin badge? Or maybe, just maybe, you've seen Django Away and you'd like to get a t-shirt that proves it?


Well now you can take a piece of the Thingy with you with the new Presents Inc Merch store! All items are print-on-demand and shipped direct to your door from Redbubble and Blurb. There's plenty of products to choose from so why don't you begin to browse all things Hutchings?

Women's T-Shirts
Thingy Posters
Thingy Stickers
Men's T-Shirts
Pin Badges
Long T-Shirts
Full Print T-Shirts
Freelance Giggle-oh
Django Away!
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