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"A totally self-produced, visionary work by the ironical and multi-talented Daniel Hutchings. Freelance Giggle-oh is a richly structured comical mix of eccentric characters that winks at Monty Python."

Roberto Rup Paolini

Director, Carboluce.

Synopsis: Join Daniel Hutchings on his journey to the centre of hilarity! Through comedy gigs and door-to-door entertaining, adverts and ideas for movies, fantastical notions and absurd imagery, we see Hutchings' secret fantasies and deepest fears as he remembers the stuff he’s done and imagines the stuff he’d like to do in the continuing adventures of your friendly, interstellar Freelance Giggle-oh: trying to make the world a happier place, one laugh at a time.

Freelance Giggle-oh is an explosive mix of sketch humour, English wit, visual expression, Toony animation and excitable Metacinema. Thanks to a variety of programs transmitted by Hutchings from his luxury penthouse apartment (which is in fact a minute attic space), viewers are transported into a world of channel-changing dream-reality. With his Dream Girl, the woman of his reoccurring dreams, and Pooface, the man who's made of faeces that haunts his nightmares, Freelance Giggle-oh starts as a farce and builds from there. A Western turns into a legal thriller which turns into stand up comedy which turns into a musical show which are all constantly interrupted by adverts and channel-hopping channel-surfers.

Will Hutchings break through into homes across the land with his TV show? Or will he have to settle with his live residency in front of sparse alien audiences on Mars? Will he finally meet the woman of his dreams? And even if he does, will Pooface then arrive to turn the dream into a nightmare? And will anyone even care?

Made with a combination of unique ideas and inventive production values, Freelance Giggle-oh mixes scripted scenes, hidden camera footage, artistic montages and live routines from Hutchings’ actual comedy gigs with Hutchings’ filmmaking techniques and original score in a movie that’s accumulative effect is greater than the sum of its parts.

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