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"Hello, I'm Tom Jevelian, Chairperson of the Global Board of Thingy Classification.

As Chairperson, it is my responsibility to view all Thingys that intend to be exhibited for the general public and decide its appropriateness for said public.

So I may assess the appropriateness of each Thingy for said public, Mr Hutchings presents each Thingy to me in person in the GBTC cinema space. After each Thingy has been watched, we discuss his artistic intentions for this particular Thingy and who, if anyone, it may be appropriate for. I then make a decision on what certification is appropriate so said public can judge whether they think it will be appropriate for them or their family members to view.

I certified Freelance Giggle-oh, his second Thingy, as F. This means, quite simply, Farce. This was partly to reflect its content and partly to give any audience member fair warning of the low-production-value-endurance-test ahead of them.

If the Thingy does indeed turn out to be of interest to said public, I can claim no credit for such a connection taking place. My only responsibility is for each audience member to understand what they are letting themselves in for when they sit down in a cinema to watch a Daniel Hutchings Thingy.

If you ignore the GBTC certification but, after having sat through a Thingy, feel like you have wasted time that you will never get back, then that is the risk each audience member takes."

Dictated but not read

Tom Jevelian

GBTC Chairperson

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