noun 1 - Temporary name used for someone or something    when memory fails. e.g:"You know the guy....the one with the nostrils....Thingy!"

adjective 1 - Used when something is beyond description. e.g: "Wow! That was was quite....sort of....thingy, you know?" 

noun 2 - Genre of low budget filmmaking made by Daniel Hutchings. e.g: "I've just seen Daniel Hutchings' Thingy! It was short, but quite exciting." 

noun 3 - Term used to circumvent the medium a work of art would be contextualised in otherwise. e.g: "It's not a a good as my favourite film but it's the best Thingy I've ever seen." 

noun 4 - Inoffensive reference to genitalia. e.g: "That strange sausage looks just like a....thingy!"

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